SOTUS And The ObamaCon

Charles Krauthammer, who was on to the ObamaCon early and often, just commented on Fox News that the White House continues to blame the Massachusetts election result on anger toward former President Bush and the failure of the Coakley campaign to adequately use the resources offered to it by the White House. Krauthammer characterized this response as a “level of obliviousness that approaches clinical denial”.

I think what we are going to see tonight is just that. A case study in denial. As has been mentioned on this blog before, the decline that Democrats and the Obama administration find themselves in will not end until someone in their leadership forces them to understand the well established concepts elucidated by Elizabeth Kubler Ross in her well known book “On Death and Dying“. The central message of the book is that terminally ill patients go through a process as they come to grips, mentally and emotionally, with their condition. Those stages are:

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

As a bank officer that specialized in handling failing businesses once told me, this book was as valuable a treatise on business failure, and tragedy in general, as it was a guide to those who were terminally ill. So I bought the book and found that it was a profoundly wise and carefully considered treatment of the human condition in matters that extend well beyond medicine. In other words, it should be shelved in the medical section of a book store as well as the business section, life advice section and political section.

The Obama White House seems to be stuck somewhere between Denial and Anger, while certain members of the Democratic Congress seem to floating between Anger and Bargaining. Others, such as Senator Byron Dorgan and several more retiring members, appear to have passed on to Acceptance.

The most interesting question is when and what will be required to move this most arrogant of White Houses to the level of Acceptance? The first step is the most important, but there is no indication that the Obama White House understands this, which is why this White House is beginning to show signs of trying to recalibrate the acceptable levels of politcal hubris the electorate will accept.

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