“Just stating the facts…” Update: Judge Alito’s “You Lie” moment

After “blaming Bush” for the umpteenth time tonight, President Obama said “just stating the facts.” You know, just sayin’. This is the most wonderful gift that could have been given to the GOP. I think they should repeat it ad nauseam. You know, when they show charts of Obama’s spending in one year compared to spending under eight years of Bush — “just stating the facts.” Or when they point out the way the Christmas Day bomber, and Gitmo and other “man-made disaster” issues have been handled. Or how the unemployment numbers rose significantly in response to the spendulus bill. “Just stating the facts.” And on and on.

I have to admit it takes a lot of nerve or self delusion or something to be able to talk about “just stating the facts” after spending a year (including tonight) pointing to fairy tale magical “jobs saved or created” numbers. Gotta give him that — he’s shameless (just stating the facts, baby).

Most striking to me is that he learned he had to use some different buzzwords in reaction to declining poll numbers and losing elections in Virginia, Massachusetts, etc., but he didn’t learn that it is not all about him and that he has made mistakes. I heard plenty of rationalizations, but no admissions that his policies were (and are) crap. If he has not gotten that message, I just don’t see how he will turn things around. Be it this economy or his poll numbers. Americans are not gonna blindly trust his word anymore. They have smartened up and will now verify. Just stating the facts.

Update: ABC pointed out (and showed video of) Judge Alito mouthing “That’s not true” and shaking his head during one portion of the speech. A kinder, gentler version of “You Lie!”

Update II: Anchoress has an excellent analysis and round up of links.

Update III: I agree with Drew. The more I think about the speech, the more annoyed I get. So many lies, so much arrogance.

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