Barack Bingo

Of all the commentary I have read before Obama’s SOTU address tonight, the following image seems to provide the best insight.


(Originally posted at MyPetJawa.) As the image doesn’t actually let you play bingo, I’m tempted to suggest turning this into a SOTU drinking game. But I wouldn’t want to be held responsible for the inevitable alcohol poisoning.

Personally I can’t watch State of the Union addresses. The constant interruptions by robotic applause ruin any sort of flow. I actually think supporting party does much more to diminish a president’s message with the inane clapping than the opposing party does by sitting there scowling with arms crossed. And then there is the media “coverage” that includes counting the number of times the speech was interrupted. Thanks but no thanks.

How much safer would the world be if the feminist movement stood up for women?
Full eclipse of the moon