Will California Say “Hasta La Vista” to Illegal Alien Prisoners?

If Ahnuld has his way, we could see “undocumented” prisoners sent to Mexico:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Monday that the state could save $1 billion by building and operating prisons in Mexico to house undocumented felons who are currently imprisoned in California.

The governor floated the idea during an appearance at the Sacramento Press Club in response to a question about controlling state spending. His speech came on the same day that changes in prisoner parole and credits for time served took effect.

“We pay them to build the prisons down in Mexico and then we have those undocumented immigrants be down there in a prison. … And all this, it would be half the cost to build the prisons and half the cost to run the prisons,” Schwarzenegger said, predicting it would save the state $1 billion that could be spent on higher education.

About 19,000 of the state’s 171,000 prisoners are illegal immigrants, according to the most recent statistics available online. The state spends more than $8 billion a year on the prison system.

I’m willing to bet that:

1) The number of illegal immigrants in California prisons is far higher than 19,000

2) This idea never sees the light of day

Instead, thousands of prisoners will be set free this year. Hundreds were set free in San Diego just yesterday.

But that’s ok as long as we are acting PC, right? Sure.

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