Dick Cheney and His Mom to Appear in Pro-Torture Super Bowl Ad

And not candyassed stuff like waterboarding or stress positions either. Thumbscrews, the brass bull, the iron maiden, crucifixion, 220, 221, whatever it takes. Ah, if only it were true. Although I doubt you’d get louder protests than we’re now hearing from the “safe, rare, and legal” wing of America’s tolerant party over the Tebow’s ad.


I wasn’t kidding about a Liz Cheney/Dick Cheney ticket in 2012 the other day either. She’d gut Obama like a mackerel in the debates. One scowl from Dick towards whatever stooge Obama chooses to replace Biden would instill severe muscle spasms, followed by the inevitable drooling. At this point the entire digestive system collapses accompanied by uncontrollable flatulence. Until, finally, the poor bastard is reduced to a quivering, wasted piece of jelly. I’m calling it The Hope of Audacity…


If there’s one area where I’m a huge squish vis-à-vis doctrinaire conservativism it’s on abortion. Pretty much on social matters in general I’m a believer in privacy and free will. I understand the concerns on both sides, but I think we’ve reached a stasis point in terms of abortion law that leaves all parties unfulfilled and is therefore the best we’re going to get. If there is a God, then those that choose abortion will have to answer for it. If there’s not, then pro-life forces have done good work to ensure more children got a chance at life.

Why not let voters decide, eh? Maybe it would be a less contentious issue if it was decided by voters instead of the courts.


Barack really doesn’t like Bill and Hillary Clinton. I think they were the first people in his life that really nailed him – ridiculed his foreign policy “credentials” and prescriptions. Too bad Hillary tried to pull a Biden with the Bosnia sniper bit and made herself look the fool.

Anyway, Bill been in Obama’s shoes. You don’t really hear about Obama reaching out to Bill for advice. Then the “mediocre two-term” bit with Diane Sawyer yesterday. Hillary tried to help get health care reform through too, but she’s been banished to State and hung out to dry.

Am I dreaming or was it just a couple of years ago Democrats loved The Clintons? Look at them now. If nothing else, Obama is a spiteful, vindictive dick.


I’ve been kicking around this other little oddball theory on Obama and his OMG so tactical new tack. He hates Bush. He doesn’t like Clinton. So it totally kills him to have to fall back to the Bush or Clinton position. But there are some Bush policies (i.e. PATRIOT stuff) he has to keep intact regardless of how much he railed against them.

Now that there are 41 Republicans in the Senate everyone’s telling him the health care bill is dead and if he wants to survive he needs to head to the center like Clinton in ’94. But he’s still clinging to Hope. One, he doesn’t like Clinton or want to be “like” him. Two, Obama wants a health bill bad. Bad enough to crash and burn if need be; more than bad enough to see Congress flip R. Bad enough to cram it through by reconciliation and watch the voters march on the polls torch and pitchforks in hand.

I don’t think he’s worried about losing one or two houses in 2010, I think he’s counting on it. In Obama’s mind Clinton failed once on health care and just gave up. If you’re going to lose Congress anyway you might as well get it through. And if Republicans take the House and/or Senate in 2010 because voters are so enraged by the Democrats’ Audacity, all the better. Then Obama can really be himself – pointing fingers, blaming someone else for his failures, and fighting to keep Republicans from forcing Grannie to have to eat dog food so she can afford her prescriptions because of the Medicare cuts in the 2010 Health Reform Act.

Campaigning is easier than governing and it’s what Obama does best. Maybe Obama believes Clinton wasn’t reelected because he swerved to the center, rather because he had a Republican Congress to “campaign” against from 1994 to 2000. Small “bipartisan” victories for two years and voila! a second term.


Think about it, with an unassailable majority in both houses what would be the consensus choice for one single solitary, free pass bill to enact for the left and right?

For the left it would almost surely be nationalizing health care. Would there even be a close second? It’s the final key to ensuring America can pay for nothing but social welfare and finally impose the fair 70% tax rates we all deserve.

It would be hard to get a consensus on the right. Personally, I’d permanently repeal income tax withholding so every American got to write a check on April 15th and see just how much they’re actually sending to Washington each year rather than basking in the glow of Uncle Sam finally repaying this year’s interest free loan. That or put Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney on Mount Rushmore. Just because.


One of my guilty pleasures is Married with Children reruns on Tv Land every night. Probably my favorite show of all time. I still giggle like a drunken moron. Anyway, I was ordering some pizza for a late lunch today from this Chicago deep dish pizza place and they’ve got an “Al Bundy” pie – Canadian bacon, bacon, pineapple, etc. I tell the guy there’s no way Al Bundy would order pineapple on a pizza. He just didn’t get it.

What will my friends think if they come over and see a mouse trap in my room?

Well Pumpkin, they’ll think that unlike Mr. Bundy the mouse gets to eat before it dies.

I’m freakin’ dying over here. I hope Kim doesn’t mind me goofing on her post, for some reason it just cracked me up too.

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