Another Teleprompter Sighting

This time he is speaking to his middle class task force yet still requires the use of his teleprompter. From The Corner:


Added: @TheAnchoress wonders if Obama is so insecure that he needs the presidential podium and teleprompter to remind everyone that he really is the president.

Update: Curt at Flopping Aces has video of the middle class task force, which comprises of 17, maybe 20, people and notes with stunned disbelief that the President of the United States needs the aid of a teleprompter to speak to such a small group. Biden and Geithner are sitting at the same table with the rest of the group, so why must the president stand in front of the group, putting him in the position of speaking down to them? I’m thinking The Anchoress may onto something with her insecurity issue. Or maybe it’s the other extreme and he is so full of himself that he insisted standing behind the podium to make sure everyone had an unobstructed view of his awesomeness.

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