How to Make the Republican Party a Big Tent: Fiscal Conservatism is the Answer

Freeman Hunt has a post that is spot on accurate:

You want a big tent? It’s fiscal conservatism. The people are overwhelmingly in favor of it.

You offer that, you follow through on it, and you get the Republicans, the moderates, and a sizable chunk of disaffected Democrats.

Everything else is beside the point right now. You lose the fiscal conservative fight now and allow the United States to head deeper into Statism, and it’s over. If the government controls healthcare, it will “[redefine] the relationship between the citizen and the state in a way that hands all the advantages to statists.” You can kiss freedom goodbye in the longterm.

So instead of utterly failing our future generations, leaving them to toil under the yoke of an obscenely powerful government, we should make our stand now. Embrace fiscal conservatism. Leave the rest to federalism.

This Freeman Hunt person is right. The American people know that their freedom and liberty are directly tied to how the government spends their tax dollars. If the government is geared toward big government social programs, then not only will the American people be taxed to the point that they won’t have much money to enjoy their lives, but their actions will be heavily controlled by the statist government. I believe this goes to the heart of why Scott Brown won last Tuesday.

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