This is Astroturf

The success of “Ellie Light” and “Mark Spivey” in getting their letters to the editor published is pretty darn impressive. The next time you hear someone on the left accuse the parents who make signs with their young kids and load up the strollers and juice boxes and travel to tea parties at their own expense of being astroturf, remind them of Ellie Light. Or Mark Spivey. Most media outlets require a full name, home address and phone number for verification purposes as part of their “Letter to the Editor” policies. Many policies also include a provision that the letter be written to that particular paper only, not to multiple recipients. Evidently such policies were not followed in the cases of Ellie Light and Mark Spivey. Follow the links above to Patterico and Dan Riehl for updated counts and details about the trails left by each.

Update: Ellie Light responds.

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