A Brilliant Progressive Diatribe Aimed At Obama

President Barack Obama has arrived, in just one year, at the very place no politician ever wants to be: the object of satire and scorn heaped on him by his very own supporters. David Michael Green, a professor of Political Science at Hofstra, has written a withering piece about the President and his political party.

Dr. Green’s progressive political beliefs are somewhere to the Left of George McGovern, a point which will become clear when you read his article. No one can tear the hide off of a progressive as well as one of their own. Here is a teaser:

One year ago today, there was real question as to what could possibly be the future of the Republican Party in America. That’s changed a bit now.

And, speaking of ‘change’, the one kind that Barack Obama did actually deliver this year was not that which most voters had in mind after listening to him use the word incessantly, all throughout 2008. Obama and his colleagues have now managed to bring the future of the Democratic Party into question, just a year after it won two smashing victories in a row.

Personally, I’m not real bothered by that. Today’s Democrats are, almost without exception, embarrassing hacks who deserved to get stomped a long time ago.

What really upsets me, however, is what these fools have allowed to be done to the name of progressivism, and to the country.

Barack Obama has now, in just a year’s time, become the single most inept president perhaps in all of American history, and certainly in my lifetime. Never has so much political advantage been pissed away so rapidly, and what’s more in the context of so much national urgency and crisis. It’s astonishing, really, to contemplate how much has been lost in a single year.

Read the whole thing. It is hilarious. And don’t miss the “Conan” Obama reference!

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