Chaos in Obamaland: It’s Getting Ready To Hit The Fan

There is more than a little evidence that the financial markets, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, and businesses in general are freaking out about the ever growing perception that Barack Obama may be this century’s version of Chauncey Gardiner. And some Democrats in Congress are starting to call out David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel.

Hill Democrats are demanding that Obama’s brain trust — especially senior adviser David Axelrod and chief of staff Rahm Emanuel — shelve their grand legislative ambitions to focus on the economic issues that will determine the fates of shaky Democratic majorities in both houses.

“I haven’t seen Rahm Emanuel except on television. We used to see him a lot; I’d like him to come out from behind his desk and meet with the common folk,” added (New Jersey Rep. Bill) Pascrell.

With the Treasury Secretary openly questioning the President’s new bank reforms and rampant rumors that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s reappointment does not have support in Congress, the President spent the day in Ohio talking about his favorite subject: himself.

Something tells me that this week was a tipping point that may result in political gains for a few but serious hurt for many more.The Brown win in Massachusetts and the Supreme Court ruling on aspects of McCain Feingold were net wins for conservatives, but unemployment is picking up again and there is no policy proposal in place by the Obama administration or Congress to create more jobs. Democrats in Congress are openly criticizing their clueless President and sending a clear signal to the markets and the world that we may all be on a rudderless ship. The winter of 2010 is beginning to look a lot like the winter of 2009 with one notable exception. A year ago there was at least the perception that someone was in charge; to coin a political phrase, that perception is no longer operative, but the same serious problems remain. I agree with Roger Simon’s take on the current situation:

Frankly, I’m worried for our country because this man doesn’t really understand what the public is telling him. He just thinks we’re “angry.” He’s wrong – we’re furious and we’re furious because he blames everyone but himself and seems psychologically incapable of taking responsibility.

…I am deeply afraid of that because Barack Obama has never had to deal with any personal adversity in his adult life. He has lived a completely privileged existence. This is a first for him. There’s no telling how he will behave. Watch out, buckle up and hold on to your seats.


H/T Glenn Reynolds

Obama is a stranger to leadership, not "adversity"
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