A Possibly Amusing Waste of Time

It’s Friday, that day of the week which thumbs it’s nose at the other four nominal workdays. Accordingly, I have an idea which may or may not be fun to play out. It occurs to me that people often support political candidates with much the same energy and emotion as their favorite sports teams. Accordingly, I have decided to link the Presidents of the United States to NCAA basketball teams, and I am inviting the readers to join in that move. Here’s how it works:

First, you assign each of the 43 Presidents of the United States to a college basketball team, or such Presidents as you want to mention. Then, the votes are tallied and the season and tournament plays out. Could be fun to see which Presidents make the Final Four!

I will get it started. I generally applied Presidents by region and style, and I tried to make sure each President applied to a team which is doing well enough in the present RPIs that they won’t disappear off the radar anytime soon; your taste may vary. I would say the school chosen should be in the top 100 for present RPI, please:

George Washington = Villanova
John Adams = Georgetown
Thomas Jefferson = Virginia
James Madison = Vanderbilt
James Monroe = Pittsburgh
John Quincy Adams = Temple
Andrew Jackson = Tennessee
Martin Van Buren = Xavier
William Henry Harrison = St Johns
John Tyler = West Virginia
James K Polk = Duke
Zachary Taylor = Siena
Millard Fillmore = Wichita State
Franklin Pierce = William & Mary
James Buchanan = Cornell
Abraham Lincoln = Kentucky
Andrew Johnson = VCU
Ulysses Grant = Wisconsin
Rutherford B Hayes = Oklahoma State
James Garfield = Dayton
Chester A Arthur = Rhode Island
Grover Cleveland = Purdue
Benjamin Harrison = Ohio State
William McKinley = Baylor
Theodore Roosevelt = Kansas
William Taft = Northern Iowa
Woodrow Wilson = Wake Forest
Warren G Harding = Cincinnati
Calvin Coolidge = BYU
Herbert Hoover = UNLV
Franklin D Roosevelt = North Carolina
Harry S Truman = Gonzaga
Dwight D Eisenhower = Texas A&M
John F Kennedy = Connecticut
Lyndon Johnson = Texas Tech
Richard Nixon = New Mexico
Gerald Ford = Michigan State
Jimmy Carter = Georgia Tech
Ronald Reagan = Syracuse
George HW Bush = Clemson
Bill Clinton = Ole Miss
George W. Bush = Texas
Barack Obama = Illinois

Now it’s your turn.

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