You Play With Fire, You Get Burned By Fire

Or in this case, roasted.

Christiane Amanpour, CNN’s international America-basher, anti-Israel, Muslim-terrorist sympathizer, gets absolutely hammered with her own words by Marc Thiessen, former speechwriter for George W. Bush.

During the exchange, Thiessen quotes Amanpour’s reporting on the Khmer Rouge prison S-21, in which she makes the accusation that waterboarding techniques employed in Pol Pot’s genocidal torture machine equal the same waterboarding techniques applied by the CIA to captured terrorists.

She is stunned and indignant at the way Thiessen bluntly strips her of all credibility concerning this issue, and, almost speechless, feebly turns several times to her leftist guest, a Mr. Philippe Sands, a British author who has, surprise!, written a book demonizing the United States for our actions after 9/11, and who seems not able to debate a subject without resorting to snide remarks.

Thiessen’s aggressive defense of his arguments and refusal to accept the slanted obfuscation of the subject matter is a thing of beauty.

Amanpour got called out on the carpet, and was thoroughly body-slammed.

It is fascinating, impressive, and worth the watch.

This kind of thing should happen more often.


(Note: Second imbed via Michelle Malkin)

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