How Low Can They Go?

Since the Tea Party movement began, the left and their media whores have ridiculed them, likened them to Nazis, or just hate them for having a political impact.

Nevermind that, during the Bush years, these same people who claimed “dissent is patriotic!” now look upon the people practicing this valid dissent as racist, bigoted, or un-American.

No surprise there.

What does surprise me (a little) is their fond and liberal use of the word “Teabaggers” to describe the people involved in the movement.

As innocuous as it sounds, the term is slang for a person participating in a very vulgar, graphic sexual act, the definition of which I actually learned at work while hearing a couple of teen-agers talking.

For those who may “know” of this particular definition, you’ll understand just how offensive it is.

Now, I curse with the best of them and use, um, unflattering names for people almost on an hourly basis in a way that would make someone crawl under a desk in the fetal position and say a “Hail Mary,” but, I don’t do it in public, and I certainly don’t do it on a nationally televised cable channel like MSNBC (Particularly Keith Dobermann, Rachael MadCow, and Chris Wrathews.).

For those of you who may not know the definition of “teabagging” or “teabagger,” but want to understand just what kind of scumbags the above mentioned cretins are, here it is. (Please be advised: It is digusting, so if you don’t want to know the foul depths to which these low-lifes reach on a daily basis, then DO NOT click.)

That now known, it would be akin to saying something like “Dirty Sanchez” or “Donkey Punch” on the air.

I don’t think even MSNBC would condone that type of reference from one of its contributors, and the FCC would probably not take too kindly to its use.

Yet, it happens every day, several times a day, by several different “enlightened” liberals, poorly disguised as witty commentary.

How low can they go?

That low.

(Please note: My intention for writing and providing links to these “words” is purely to expose just how vile the term “Teabagging” is, and to provide some kind of context which would expose the complete disregard for civility in which those who use this term engage. I just find it unfortunate that MSNBC, in particular, by allowing this kind of language to be used so freely, eagerly encourages their televised failures to continue speaking like this.)

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