Bay State Insanity?

The victory for Scott Brown in Massachusetts was a tectonic political event.

That the most liberal of blue states would elect a Conservative Republican to fill a seat held by the most liberal Senator in the history of Congress literally defies logic.

As encouraging as it is to think that there has been a political awakening of the purest kind in the Bay state, could something more bizarre have been the reason for the outcome?

In Massachusetts, to be a Republican means to be a Conservative. To be an Independent means you are a Democrat. And to be a Democrat means you are a rabid Liberal.

As has been pointed out by pundits on both sides of the spectrum, the issue of Obama Care was of paramount importance to the decisions of the voters. Independents were obviously disheartened with the way the Obama/Reid/Pelosi machine has handled this issue.

However, in a state as kooky as Massachusetts, could the election of Scott Brown have been born more out of disenchanted leftist principle than sincere logical dissatisfaction? Could this have been purely a vote of protest against how the Obama Democratic machine has failed to produce an even more radical, leftist approach to the issue of national Health care? One more in line with the wishes of the Massachusetts Liberal “patron saint” of health reform, Ted Kennedy?

Was this repudiation of Martha Coakley and President Obama fueled by the strongest level of Bay state liberalism, which wanted, even at the cost of one senate seat, to send an angry message to the Democratic majority that they demand they become even more aggressive, as in the Kennedy mode of things, instead of attempting to ram down some watered-down half-measures?

Is the Massachusetts voter that loyal to the Kennedy legacy to display this sort of “teach ’em a lesson” attitude?

Just wondering..

(As an aside, I do not believe this to be true. I am also giddy with satisfaction over the victory of Scott Brown. I am purely playing Devil’s Advocate. However, Massachusetts is a strange political bird, and it would not surprise me if the voters took such a leftist cavalier approach to filling the seat they have so long reserved for the revered Kennedy family.)

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