Bring Obama His Brown Pants

For the first time in my adult life, I’m proud of my neighboring state.

A Republican will now sit in the seat previously held by John F. Kennedy and Ted Kennedy.

And Brown isn’t just a Republican, but he’s a really cool guy.

Just how big is this election?

Well, Allah broke out the humping robot.

Ace put up a double flaming skull.

And I’m saying something nice about Massachusetts.

Oh, those poor, poor Democrats. How on earth will they govern now, with only the presidency, 60% of the House, and 57 of 100 Senate seats? Well, 57 Democrats, 1 communist, and a mostly Democrat.

So, why did Brown win? A whole bunch of things.

Coakley was a horrific campaigner.

She was also saddled with a horrific record.

Brown kept up a mostly positive message.

Everyone who tried to help out Coakley only seemed to make things worse for her.

Brown pushed to make the race a referendum on Obamacare and the Democratic agenda.

And in the end, it was all these things and more that combined to put Brown into office.

Let’s look at some hard facts:

Before last night, the Democrats held every single seat in Massachsetts’ congressional delegation, every single statewide elective office, and over 85% of each house of the Massachusetts legislature. And registered Democrats outnumbered registered Republicans by about 3 to 1.

But “unenrolled” voters (what people in sane states called “independents”) outnumber both combined. (Rough numbers: 12% Republican, 37% Democrat, 51% “unenrolled.”) And this time they moved heavily to the right.

Or, more precisely, away from the left.

Hey, Democratic establishment: you wanna wake up and smell the teabags, or you gonna double-down and keep pushing hard left until you run right off the edge of the world?

I just can’t wait to see.

Author’s note: man, did I pick the wrong time to frak up my new computer… today I get to pull it apart and put it back together. Note to self: be much, much more careful when frakking around with the boot disk’s partitions.)

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