Another reason why Scott Brown won …


Funny thing about Americans — when leaders promise openness, accountability, transparency, fiscal responsibility, and ethics, we expect them to keep their promises. We also expect democratically-elected representatives to listen to and respect their constituencies, not ignore and mock them.

After yesterday’s Massachusetts Senate election, Senate Leader Harry Reid reluctantly pledged to seat Scott Brown “as soon as the proper paperwork has been received.” (I’m just guessing that Brown’s “proper paperwork” wouldn’t be a problem for Democrats if Brown was from Mexico, but I digress.) Yet on the eve of the election, Democrats were openly discussing plans to bypass traditional procedural rules and ram the health care bill through the Senate before Brown could be seated.

It’s precisely this kind of political bullying that has soured the American people toward the current Democratic leadership. Thankfully, this coming November provides an effective antidote that the American people can use to (at least temporarily) cure Congress of its arrogance.

Let’s hope that ten months from now, a lot of “proper paperwork” gets submitted to Congress. A lot of it.

And while we’re on the subject, the Republicans should work to make this photo into the “Mission Accomplished” of 2010 mid-term election campaigns.

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