Some Salesman

Barack Obama has never really held a job in the private sector. And man oh man, is it showing.

Currently, he (as Chief Executive of the United States) owns General Motors. You’d think that, like most CEOs, that would make him “head salesman,” right? Or, at least, not to run down the company and its products in public, right? (The current example of Domino’s Pizza being the exception to the rule.)

Well, it’s pretty damned clear that Obama has never had to sell anything besides himself in his life.

When he briefly stepped aboard the S.S. Titanic that is the Martha Coakley campaign on Sunday, he repeated derided her opponent, Scott Brown, for his truck. You know, the 9-year-old pickup Brown’s tooled around the state and racked up over 200K miles.

Specifically, a 2002 GMC compact pickup.

A rolling testament that GM can make good, reliable, solid, dependable vehicles.

Which the owner of GM thinks is laughable.

Meanwhile, in the battle over nationalized health care, Obama is working to find ways to fund the whole thing. He’s backing away from a campaign promise to not tax the high-end health care plans, instead carving out exceptions for union members and government employees — but everyone else who has a really, really good health plan can expect to pay taxes for the privilege.

And what is Obama doing in the midst of this?

Referring to those really, really good plans as “Cadillac plans.”

He’s hanging a negative association on yet another General Motors brand.

Cadillac and GMC have been, historically, the most profitable of GM’s marques. And here Obama is flinging mud on both nameplates in the interest of his political expediency.

We’ve already seen GM pared down, with brands being discarded. (Pontiac, Saturn, and Saab are gone or going soon.) The remaining brands will have to work extra hard to regain market share.

And here’s their main owner piling negative associations on the two best.

It’s a good thing that Obama has spent nearly his entire adult career outside the dreaded public sector. The guy could never cut it if he had to actually earn his living.

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