Throwing In The Towel?

Well, I’ll be damned. I was wrong.

Yesterday, I predicted that today the Boston Globe would mount a last-minute effort to drag their wretched excuse for a candidate, Bay State Attorney General Martha Coakley, across the finish line and toss a bomb at Republican insurgent Scott Brown. It would entirely be within their character to thow a last-minute smear at Brown just before the election, in hopes of dirtying him enough to prevent his scoring a huge upset.

But they didn’t.

I scoured the Glob’s web site for some kind of attack on Brown, but came up empty. (I haven’t paid for a copy of the Glob in years, and I ain’t about to start now.)

However, I did find a column that speaks volumes about what the Globe is thinking.

Joan Vennochi says “Blame Beacon Hill.”

Who’s responsible for Martha Coakley’s likely defeat next Tuesday? Why, it’s the Democratic political machine’s fault. They’ve grown too complacent over the years, and didn’t work hard enough to keep “Ted Kennedy’s seat.” They’ve gotten too corrupt, and tone-deaf to the public’s disgust with the endless stream of leading Democrats being hauled off in handcuffs. They’ve gotten too complacent, flouting the will of the people and endlessly raising taxes and fees and gouging the taxpayers at every opportunity.

It’s a valid theory, but it is far more enlightening in what it doesn’t say.

And what is not said is that Martha Coakley has been a part of the Beacon Hill power structure (or, at least, an eager wannabe) for years.

Remember that cop who raped a 23-month-old girl with a curling iron? The one who Coakley did her damnedest to keep quiet as long as it could? It turns out that the rapist’s father was a big Democratic fundraiser and one of Coakley’s biggest donors. (The rapist himself is currently serving life in prison.)

Remember all those politicians brought down low by the law? Including two Speakers convicted of felonies, and a third currently awaiting trial? Or the Boston pols (City Councilor and State Senator) caught on camera taking bribes? Not one of those corrupt scumbags was brought to justice by Martha Coakley or her office. No, it took federal officials to clean the house that she nominally ran.

Coakley’s entire campaign was based on one single premise: that she was the Democratic nominee, and as such was entitled to Ted Kennedy’s seat — a seat that had been held by John F. Kennedy from 1953 to 1960, then held by a family loyalist until Ted Kennedy was old enough to serve in the Senate. Appropriately enough, after Ted’s passing, another family loyalist (Paul Kirk) was appointed to “keep the seat warm” until another Democrat could be elected.

Coakley didn’t take into account four factors: just how bad her record was, how quickly it would be exposed, just how bad a campaigner she was, and just how good a campaigner Scott Brown was.

None of these should have come as a surprise to anyone. But there were so many other factors in this race that picking out those four as the ones that would have the greatest effect on the race was exceptionally difficult.

On Tuesday, we’ll see just how important those factors have been, when the only real poll that matters is held. But it’s clear which way the Boston Globe thinks it will play out.

I find myself torn. On the one hand, I hope someone on Morrissey Boulevard hides all sharp and rope-like objects Tuesday night.

On the other hand, I’m thinking of sending a “care package” down there with plenty of clothesline and razor blades.

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