Michelle’s Fashion Cultists

The LA Times, not noticing anything of import occurring in the world at the monent, has published one of thousands of similar articles promoting the idea that Michelle Obama is a beautiful, fashionable trend setter.

In this piece (one which is too full of written drool to actually quote), the writer has managed to included dozens of glowing, sickening observations that Mrs. Obama’s wardrobe and how she fashionably invents herself for public appearance, has single-handedly changed the world of fashion.

As one of the LA Times commenters points out, if we all had a mansion full of servants and a personal staff of 24, perhaps we’d all be able to excel in the exciting world of fashion

How many more of these inconsequential, meaningless, propaganda pieces actually need to be written about this woman?

  • A woman who has stated that she had never been proud of her country until her Messianic husband had been elected President.
  • A woman who insensitively wore a $500 pair of shoes to a photo-op at a D.C food bank for the poor.
  • A woman who once claimed that Americans are “just downright mean, guided by fear,” and “we’re a nation of cynics, sloths, and complacents (sic).”
  • A woman who, along with her husband, sat in the church of firebrand racist Rev. Wright for 20 years.
  • A woman who has worn such ugly ensembles, she could be mistaken for a modern art masterpiece.
  • A woman whose under bite makes the creatures in the movie “Gremlins” jealous with envy.
  • And as for her much worshiped, toned arms: I’ve seen more attractive appendages on heroin addicts.

All of the gaudy baubbles, odd clothing combinations, and well-intentioned gardening can not cover up the fact that, through your own past words and deeds, you are a mean-spirited, self-promoting fad.

And all of the pricey duds adds to nothing more than placing a silk hat on an angry pig.

There comes a point in time when media saturation of a person starts to make the public turn on that person. The constant worship of someone ultimately becomes uncomfortably obsessive to witness.

Her time for this is now.

(And for those of you pleasant, sincere liberal defenders out there who think this is purely some mean rant, just remember the kind of things you and your ilk said about Sarah Palin and her family.)

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