It’s Lonely Being Pathetic

In an interview with Harry “Scrotum” Smith of the CBS “Early Show”, a Ms. Betsy Gleick reveals tid-bits about her upcoming People magazine’s puff piece on (surprise!) Barack and Michelle Obama.

According to Ms. Gleick, Barack reveals just how (sniff) lonely it can get as President.

As Harry helpfully points out that Obama has talked of his feeling of “being in a bubble” as President, Ms. Gleick empathetically said his thoughts on the subject were “touching.”

(Enter involuntary dry-heaves.)

As this bastion of journalistic integrity explains :

“He just talked about the loneliness of the job. And some of the loneliness, he embraces. He realizes that he has big decisions that he alone needs to make,” she said. “But he misses being out among regular people.”


Ah, yes, walking with the masses. Seeing how the surfs live. Tossing a quarter to a Chicago bum.

Not content with just feeling the One’s loneliness, Gleick also comments of the photo shoot that the First Couple did for the rag.

According to the article, she claims ” the pictures show the genuine affection between the President and the First Lady.”

(As if she would report on tension and eyes shooting daggers.)

“They’re comfortable,” she said. “They have sort of taken to life in the White House. Their children have taken to life in the White House.”

Don’t get too comfy, bub.

Gleick said there are several “adorable” anecdotes about the children getting adjusted to life in the mansion on Pennsylvania Avenue. She added the two girls seem as if they now view the historic residence home.

As for the presidential garden, Gleick said it’s still an important symbol for Michelle in her fight against childhood obesity and self-sustaining food supplies.

“She tells us we’re going to be hearing a lot more this year from her about childhood obesity and healthy eating for families.”

I guess Ms. Gleick didn’t have time to mention Michelle’s “Veggie-Gate“, what with all the adoration she felt for the Obama’s.

Does this man ever actually do his job?

Cover stories, photo shoots, and fawning interviews abound on a weekly basis.

These two attention whores seem not to realize that they are not celebrities.

Obama was elected to do produce results from which he based his campaign.

That said, thankfully, even with a Democratic “super-majority” in Congress, he has proved so ineffective at driving his agenda that the possible damage has been somewhat limited.

The media, whether once respected publications or puffy rags like People, have prostituted themselves to serve at his pleasure.

It is vapid, self-serving, and occurs with so much frequency that it makes people wonder just when the hell does he actually have time to govern.


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