InTrade: Brown and Coakley Trading is Tied

InTrade has a very good reputation for accuracy in elections, and today it has Brown and Coakley tied at 50-50 when only 48 hours ago, Coakley was trading at 77 to Brown’s 23. Thanks to Doug Ross for the heads up.


Doug also notes that their trading at 50 each is “a stunning reversal for Coakley who once traded at 96. Shares in Brown have risen from 5 in a matter of less than a week.”

I’m praying Brown rides this all the way to election day and wins big. If you want to donate to Scott Brown’s campaign to help him win on Tuesday, you can do so here.

Update: InTrade now has Scott Brown ahead. Glenn Reynolds is right: Let’s not get cocky. The fat lady hasn’t sung yet.

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