Obama Goes to Massachusetts to Support Coakley

Byron York writes in a Washington Examiner article that “the bottom has fallen out” of Martha Coakley’s polling, casting a growing sense of doom on her election chances. As I wrote earlier according to the latest polling, Scott Brown leads Martha Coakley 50% – 46%. The Democrats are so desperate to keep this seat in the D column that Obama is now going to Massachusetts in a last ditch effort to save Martha Coakley’s campaign:

His health care bill at stake, President Barack Obama plans a weekend trip to Massachusetts to campaign for endangered Senate candidate Martha Coakley after a poll showed an edge for Republicans in the race for a seat Democrats have held for over a half-century.

The White House said he will travel there Sunday.

“If Scott Brown wins, it’ll kill the health bill,” Democrat Barney Frank, D-Mass., said, underscoring the stakes of Tuesday’s special election.

Said presidential spokesman Robert Gibbs: “I don’t think Scott Brown is going to win on Tuesday.”

Obama’s trip was hastily arranged as the White House and Democratic leaders in Congress sought to nail down a deal on historic legislation overhauling the country’s system of medical care. His visit comes after he taped a Web video e-mailed to his supporters and an automated phone call asking Massachusetts to vote for Coakley, and promising “She’ll be your voice and my ally.”

The goal here is to drag Coakley across the finish line because it seems she is incapable of getting herself there on her own. Which brings me to a question. Why would the voters of Massachusetts even want her to represent them in the Senate in the first place if she can’t finish the race without having to be carried? Don’t they want someone who’s capable and competent and does not need to be dragged because she thinks she’s above campaigning herself?

And who says the Massachusetts voters will automatically fall in line and vote for Coakley just because Obama has come to town and told them to? Apparently the Democrats think enough of them will, which tells us they don’t have a very high opinion of their fellow Americans in Massachusetts.

Update: Mark Steyn has a grand ole time with the possibility of a Republican winning “Ted Kennedy’s seat” in the US Senate:

I’ve been out of the country for a couple of days, so let me see if I’ve got this right:
America’s preparing to celebrate the first anniversary of Good King Barack the Hopeychanger’s reign by electing a Republican?

In Massachusetts?

In what the tin-eared plonkers of the Democrat machine still insist on calling “Ted Kennedy’s seat”?

Remember the good old days when the glossy magazine covers competed for the most worshipful image of the new global colossus? If you were at the Hopeychange inaugural ball on Jan. 20, 2009, when Barney Frank dived into the mosh pit, and you chanced to be underneath when he landed, and you’ve spent the past year in a coma, you must surely wonder if you’ve woken up in an alternative universe. The last thing you remember before Barney came flying down is Harry Reid waltzing you round the floor while murmuring sweet nothings about America being ready for a light-skinned brown man with no trace of a Negro dialect. And now you’re in some dystopian nightmare where Massachusetts is ready for a nude-skinned Brown man with no trace of a Kennedy dialect.

How can this be happening?

Read all of it. It’s hilarious.

Update II: Even Coakley’s internal polling shows that she’s trailing Brown.

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