Mission: Possible

Once again, a foreign disaster has put the spotlight on America and our compassion for peoples of another nation.

Once again, Americans, from the person who donates online, to religious outreach programs, to organizations like the Red Cross, will mobilize, give, and save others.

And, once again, the United States Military will be called into action.

So far, approximately 10,000 troops from different branches of the armed service are being sent to Haiti.

Time and again, our military has shown that it is the most efficient, capable, well-structured organization on this planet.

And it is made completely of volunteers.

For all of the donations, rescue organizations, international aid programs, and government services provided for disaster relief around the world, none can match the effort and competence of our Military.

So the next time you hear some acne faced liberal Code-Pink stinkpalm punk protest outside of a recruiting office, tell ’em to go f*ck themselves.

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