How to Drive Rush from Radio

Every so often I look through the threads at the Democratic Underground discussion forums to see what those on the wacky left are saying. Last night I went in search of any discussion of the latest John Edwards National Enquirer scandal and didn’t find much of anything on that front. Maybe they haven’t heard about it? What I did find was a brilliant idea about how to drive Rush from radio.

Find out which radio station(s) in your area broadcasting his show – then email/call the station, let them know about Rush’s hateful and racist comments, and inform them you will be calling all of the advertisers the station has (not only during Rush’s show) and tell them the boycott starts NOW – until they stop supporting the station(s) that supports Rush…We need to start hitting back where Rush lives – I am so sick of doing nothing while this gas-barge spews garbage daily. I will be calling radio stations in my area starting tomorrow.

What a brilliant idea. I’m sure no one has ever tried that. Okay, I’ll stop mocking the probably very young liberal-in-training. The people at DU are already doing enough of that. And that is what caught my attention. Here’s the first comment:

You are wasting your time.

Really, we can’t even get people on DU to stop listening to Rush everyday which would do the most damage. People hate him so much they have to listen so that they can be outraged by whatever he says next.

I somehow doubt that losing the DU demographic is what would “do the most damage,” but I thought the commenter had a pretty good point — that there are a lot of people who disagree with Rush, but find themselves listening regularly. Do they do it just to be outraged or to find out what the opposition is doing? Maybe a little bit, but if that were the case, wouldn’t Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews also be experiencing huge ratings with the help of conservatives who just can’t stop watching? And there is where the difference is and why liberals have not yet been able to experience the success of a Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck. People listen because Rush is entertaining. Love him or hate him, he produces a quality product. He makes excellent points and says things people are thinking and often don’t hear anywhere else in the media, but that could be done in a style and format that would put people to sleep. It is the way he presents the information that results in even many of those who can’t stand him tuning in daily.

Another thing of note in the DU comments is idea that all these advertisers don’t know what Rush is saying. Some of them believe that if advertisers only knew all the hate Rush spews they would have to drop their support. A couple of ironies — first, that anyone saying Rush spews hate obviously doesn’t know much about the actual content of his show. Second, it doesn’t get much more ironic than for people at Democratic Underground to be talking about others spewing hate. Just look at what some at Democratic Underground spewed at Rush during his recent hospitalization. These are the people who think the idiotic, hateful stuff Olbermann and Matthews say is just great.

I don’t think Rush has much to worry about.

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