His Master’s Voice

The reporter-shoving incident involving Massachusetts (I’m sorry, “Massachusettes”) Attorney General Martha Coakley came as a bit of a surprise. It really shouldn’t.

The shover, Michael Meehan, is the president of a public relations firm. He’s also been nominated by President Obama to serve on the Broadcasting Board Of Governors, the agency that oversees Voice of America and Radio Free Europe, among other operations.

President Obama, it must be noted, has energized his supporters by telling them to “get in the faces” of their opponents and, when hit, “hit them back twice as hard.”

Mr. Meehan has apologized for knocking the reporter to the ground, but there’s no real reason why he should have done so. He was just following the directions of his master.

And as for Coakley, her response is just as predictable. She is the chief law enforcement officer in Massachusettes, and an assault and battery occurred right in front of her. Admittedly, it happened in Washington, DC, where she was just leaving a big fundraiser held for her by Big Pharma and Big Insurance, and was outside her jurisdiction, but the law isn’t that different from DC to MA. (Both are liberal strongholds.) But she simply didn’t see the crime committed literally under her nose.

That’s been a trademark of her career. Coakley has focused, laserlike, on certain types of cases. Corporate crime, corporate misdeeds, and other questionable priorities — last week, she announced she was confronting the hideous danger of shady garden clubs. But she has yet to find a crooked Massachusettes politician worth investigating (while the Feds have taken down three consecutive Massachusettes House Speakers), and her record on child sex abuse is beyond appalling. She’s fought like hell to keep questionable (at best) convictions from being reopened, and did her damnedest to broom a case of a police officer raping a 23-month-old child with a hot hair curler.

I’d have to say that Coakley deserves “Ted Kennedy’s seat” in the Senate. She’s never actually killed anyone, but her disdain for the common people and her sense of entitlement are enough to qualify her for Kennedy status.

But as her opponent, Scott Brown, likes to point out, it isn’t “Ted Kennedy’s seat,” it’s the people of Massachusetts’ seat (not “Massachusettes,” Martha), and they just might want — and deserve — better.

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