Revenge Of The American People

What a difference a year makes.

Barack Obama and his liberal henchmen were riding high in the clouds with a sense of invincibility. The public expectations which had been placed in the One were at stratospheric levels.

Unfortunately for Obama, these high expectations were not just the result of a naturally hopeful electorate, but one which was duped into feeling a sense of renewed faith in government. This was a complete, purposeful propaganda operation, where Obama and his charlatans inflated the abilities and visionary wonder of Obama, manipulating a disenchanted populace into thinking all that glitters about him was gold.

Now, after a year of unbridled arrogance and blatant narcissism exhibited by Obama, the American people are coming to the realization that the problems this country faces cannot actually be transmogrified with a wave of Obama’s magical hand. They have faced a hard reality that this man, his administration, and his policy initiatives are, at the base level, dangerous to the stability and tradition of this country, its proud existence, and its future successes.

Try as he might, his one-trick-pony strategy of blaming Bush’s past failures for his current ones no longer wash. He was elected on a platform of change. Instant change. And he has failed miserably. Using history as a crutch for this failure is not the way to rally a people forward into better days. More and more, it serves to amplify his impotent leadership skills, and his compulsive lying.

Obama’s poll numbers have fallen to levels unthinkable a year ago. According to Rasmussen Reports, his approval rating has dropped to 46%. His ineptness concerning everything from the economy and jobs, to terrorism has not only affected his perceived abilities, but also those of the liberal wing of his party, who purposefully display their lack of respect for the American people through their addiction to ramming unwanted legislation down the throats of the people who put them there.

This unrepentant, political flogging of the American people has caused a growing, widespread revolt. Poll numbers of the Democratically dominated congress are at historic lows. Faith in the draconian legislating of the past year has eroded to a loathing of the politicians enacting it. Some of these power-drunk Representatives are in disbelief at how low they have sunk in the esteem of their electorate. Yet that disbelief is morphing into a grim reality that they can no longer survive politically while inflicting this unrelenting rape of our country.

Many democrats are now calling it quits. Realizing that they cannot proudly campaign on anything noble of which they have accomplished, they have no choice but to reluctantly retire. Their disgraceful actions in support of issues contrary to the wishes of the American people have become too much for them to overcome, so slinking away, damage done, they hope to pass forgotten into the graveyard of political has-beens.

Senators Chris Dodd, Byron Dorgan, Roland Burris, and Paul Kirk have decided to either retire or not face the prospect of defeat.

Democratic Co. Gov. Bill Ritter is retreating, Michigan Lt. Gov John Cherry will not seek the Governorship, and Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle is retiring.

These along with at least four democratic representatives are all not seeking election.

Are there Republicans retiring also? Yup. But the tide has slowly turned in favor of the minority party. Republicans who realize another candidate will fare better are choosing to step aside, allowing a hurricane of democratic disgust to help sweep them into office.

The political Cerberus of Obama-Pelosi-Reid has spelled doom for the careers of their fellow democrats, and has endangered the chance for future continued congressional domination.

Perhaps this year of trial and hardship of which the American people have suffered will not have been in vain.

While all victory is fleeting, hope springs eternal.

In 11 months, this will prove true.

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