New Jersey Is Going To Pot

It seems the issue of legalizing medical marijuana will be discussed in the New Jersey legislature on Monday, January 11.

In full disclosure, I have never followed nor thoroughly researched the medicinal properties or pharmacological effects of this drug.

I have just read, in passing, that marijuana provides documented relief for people afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis, glaucoma, and nausea due to chemotherapy, to name a few.

Never having actually gotten “high” from marijuana before, I cannot attest to what may be its “desired” recreational effects, but, I do know a little about having a medical problem for which legally proscribed drugs have helped alleviate very uncomfortable and very real painful symptoms.

Hell, if I thought it would help me get through a debilitating illness, I would gladly drink gasoline if I knew it would would work.

It is with this viewpoint that I cannot really understand the opposition to legalizing marijuana strictly for medicinal purposes.

Many state that marijuana has not been adequately studied as per what specific benefits it may produce for the corresponding illness for which it would be used.


The government and scientists have had their hands in classifying the effects that this drug produces on human beings, reliably, for at least a century. They know what it does, how it does it, and what its limits are.

It makes no sense to me that chemotherapy, the introduction of harmful chemicals to ones cancer, and radiation treatment, both of which have terrible side effects and risks involved, can be valid and accepted forms of treatment for cancer, yet the use of medicinal marijuana causes hysterics among politicians, medical groups, and ill-informed citizens.

The only possible negative I could see would be having the government responsible for regulating it, since, from my perspective, most everything the government tries to control ends up ruined.

Never-the-less, a society which holds compassion for its sick and infirmed should not create such a volatile mix of emotions, propaganda, and manufactured outrage toward something which can be a possible wonder drug for so many suffering individuals who have all types of debilitating illnesses.

New Jersey does alot of things wrong to its citizenry.

Maybe we’ll get this one right.

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