Seeing Is Believing

The stunning implosion of President Barak Obama and his once invincible aura is an historic display of an unmasked modern day false profit.

He is revealed to be no more than a jug-eared dufus with each passing day.

His reluctance to get his hands dirty with important matters of national legislation exposes a timid political neophyte, who is scared to deal with issues head on with a sense of personal conviction. The outsourcing of this major legislation to the “F-You, America!” congress has been an error of governmental impotence not seen in recent memory. A $787 billion stimulus bill, which, since enacted, has been followed by double-digit unemployment and continuous monthly job losses in the tens of thousands. All the while, he and his P.R. flaks continue to insist that the economy is on the right track, lying to themselves and the American people, like some massive three-card-monty shyster, screwing us all of our intelligence, integrity, and pocket books.

The train wreck of ObamaCare looks to be a huge, ugly albatross, which is starting to weigh down the necks of the tone-deaf liberal congress, resulting in retirements, diving poll numbers, and political arrogance of the most offensive kind.

His early World Apology Tour has resulted in states like Iran and North Korea flipping him the bird concerning nuclear weapons and terrorism. Afghanistan has tumbled into an undefined slog fest, with Obama sending 30,000 more troops into a theater of war which has no clearly defined objectives.

Regarding the recent spate of terror attempts, his Gitmo policy has devolved into a showcase of weak cave-ins to terrorist propaganda and European scolding.

The inexplicable lack of urgency which Obama displayed following the attempted terrorist attack on Christmas has lead many to wonder whether Obama has mature enough mental and intellectual capacity to comprehend the kind of dangerous world in which we now need to operate. Waiting 3 days after the the bombing attempt occurred, dressed as if he were about to attend a casual cocktail party, commenting as if he were describing a simple traffic delay, then off to another tee-time makes his politically motivated bold speech on the systemic failure of our intelligence community seem forced, amateurish, and desperate.

Obama’s explanation that “the buck stops with me” rings hollow when he simultaneously attacks HIS security team, showing he still suffers from “Under the Bus” syndrome.

Instead of recognizing that securing this nation from harm is his highest priority, he resorts to sending out media minions to attack those who dare expose his inadequate leadership skills.

His bumbling Homeland Security director, Janet Napolitano, magnified how incompetent his choice of staff has shown itself to be, making a fool out of the administration with her contradictions that the system was working/not working. His National Counter-terrorism chief Michael Leiter went on vacation with his family the day after the Christmas bombing attempt.

All of these failures in character and leadership serve to amplify that this country is rudderless in a shit-storm of historical proportions.

The elected officials, Obama included, have shown they have not the planning or innovation to improve our situation, nor the inclination to listen to the people who allowed them to take their positions of power.

Only the slow awakening of the people will make it possible for this ship to steady itself and avoid the rocks and shoals which threaten our journey.

This crew needs to walk the plank.

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