Democrats Stripping Republican Amendments from Health Care Bill

So according to Nancy Pelosi the negotiations surrounding health care have been the most open for any piece of legislation, huh? The Democrats are all for bipartisanship, huh? Right now Pelosi and Reid are stripping Republican amendments from the health care bill after they were approved in committee. By the time they are done with the health care bill, it will be a wholly Democrat bill. Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit has video of Oregon Rep. Greg Walden on Greta last night:

I hope you are not surprised by this. And I hope you don’t live in a rural area of America because the amendment that would require rural representation on the committees that will determine how this new health care system will work was completely taken out of the House version of the bill. In other words, the new health care bill will favor those who live in cities and metropolitan areas and those who live in rural are not going to get their health care needs met.

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