Less cowbell

Lord, please spare me from excessive cowbell tonight.

The secret to cowbell, much like breaking campaign promises regarding health reform, is subtlety.

I don’t like the University of Texas football team. I’ve always been an Oklahoma fan, and as a native Texan that means there’s no escape from UT this and Longhorn that. What’s always irked me the most about UT football is the damned cowbells. Especially when I’d get stuck in the Texas end of stands at the OU/Texas game. Thirty-five thousand cowbells clattering non-stop for almost four hours. And at the Fair before and after the game. And on the way to the car. Especially if OU somehow got robbed and Texas stole a victory.

But I digress…

What drew me to OU football was Barry Freakin’ Switzer and the wishbone offense. OU was on probation ~1974 when I started paying attention to football and wasn’t allowed on tv, except for the Barry Switzer Show which ran for an hour late on Sunday nights. Switzer was, and still is, freakin’ hilarious. If you ever get a chance, his biography Bootlegger’s Boy is a great one-day read.

Anyway, he’d go through the game films is his own inimitable style and OU just crushed people back then. So I fell in love with the Sooners. Now Texas fans will say that Darrell Royal invented the wishbone…and they’d be right. But Switzer took Royal’s ball control run-it-up-the-middle offense, plugged in a bunch of speedy black kids, attacked the perimeter, and turned it into a monster. Hanging half a hundred the goal, and more often than not they did.

For you progressives, Switzer was also one of the first college coaches to play a black quarterback. Conversely, I believe Bear Bryant rather infamously refused to recruit black players until he had to because Alabama was getting trounced by schools who had black players. He even switched to the wishbone for a while to forestall the inevitable.

In response to Jay’s query below, just to be safe you should consider the houndstooth hat to be racist code for segregation of college athletics.

And IIRC, Darrell Royal was the last coach to win a National Championship with an all-white team. You see, that’s the kind of analysis you can only get here at Wizbang, sports fans.

Anyway, being oblivious to racial politics at such a tender age, Alabama was always my second favorite team growing up because their uniforms looked kind of like OU’s and they ran the wishbone too. Loved to see them beat Miami back in 1993. Screw “The U”.

So what I’m saying is,

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