Is being a Muslim a mental disorder?

I’ll report, you decide:

An Ohio man who became loud and disruptive aboard a flight from Miami to Detroit — at one point telling those around him he “wanted to kill all the Jews” — was removed from the airplane before takeoff and arrested late Wednesday.

The man in custody is identified as Mansor Mohammad Asad, 43, who authorities sayposed no potential security threat.

Miami-Dade police say he caused enough of a “disturbance” that the pilot had to return to the jet-bridge. When Asad was taken off the plane to be interviewed by police, he threatened officers, made racial comments and charged an officer, authorities said. He was Tasered twice.

Asad’s son, Mickey Asad, who was not traveling with his father, told The Miami Herald his father has bipolar disorder. He told the Associated Press the elder Asad had been in and out of mental institutions when he was younger.

“It’s not what it’s made out to be,” Mickey Asad told The Herald. “I don’t know, someone had to have pushed his buttons. I don’t know, I couldn’t explain honestly. Of course he’s not a terrorist.”

Ok… ok… I’m engaging in some supposition while assuming the man is a Muslim… after all, the article didn’t exactly say…

And given his hatred of Jews, he very well could be a progressive Christian…

Just saying.


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