Tea Parties Targeted for 2010

It seems that the intellectual stuffed shirts, both liberal and conservative, have placed the Tea Party movement directly in the crosshairs in anticipation of this year’s mid-term elections.

This morning, from John Fund:

Without delay, campaign strategists are advising Democratic clients to use bloggers, phone banks, direct mail and canvassers to try to create a negative impression of their GOP opponents. Labeling their GOP candidates as being part of the Sarah Palin or Tea Party wing of the GOP will be the key element.

Yesterday, from MSDNC’s MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: Every single “teabagger” in America is white

Monday, from New York Times “conservative” opinion writer David Brooks: “The Tea Party Teens

I might as well include this recent nugget of wisdom from NBC’s Andrea Mitchell:

But there’s an anger out there, and I have not seen it since my very first campaign, which was 1968 and George Wallace. And that is the angry populism which is not fact-based, it’s just furious at everybody; angry at Democrats, at Republicans.

Her lame attempt to tie the Tea Party movement to southern Jim Crow racism aside, Andrea Mitchell’s “not fact-based” comment is actually worth pondering, because if it is taken at face value it seems to illustrate that the mainstream media (and by extension, the Democratic Party) has deliberately chosen to ignore the actual message of the Tea Party protesters in favor of their standard “all conservatives are idiots” template. Any semi-intelligent reporter who attends a Tea Party rally would be overwhelmed by facts related to out of control taxation, government spending, and government regulation. The Tea Party movement may not have MSNBC-approved solutions to these problems, but it is certainly not short on facts.

The American people are also deeply aware of the vast separation between what Democrats promised (openness, transparency, honesty, ethics, accountability) and what they have delivered, particularly with respect to health care “reform.” Speaker Pelosi’s effort to rebuff C-SPAN’s request to televise House/Senate health care bill negotiations by downplaying President Obama’s campaign promises of open, televised health care debates is only the latest of a string of promises deliberately broken by Democrats as they seek to cram their agenda down the throats of the American people, regardless of what we really want.

If “Smear the “Teabaggers” is really going to be the main DNC campaign strategy, then the national Democratic leadership will be genuinely stunned come November, when they discover just how badly they have misjudged the American people.

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