Pelosi throws Obama under the bus

This, from TPM via Larwyn, is indicative of the inner turmoil the Dems are suffering:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi had little to say this afternoon at a press conference following a meeting between House leaders and health care principals. She and other members acknowledged that a number of differences must be resolved between House and Senate bills before a final reform package can be signed in to law–and all are aware that too much tinkering could upset a delicate balance in the Senate, where legislation often must meet a supermajority threshold.

But Pelosi did toss a jab President Obama’s way.

Referring explicitly to one of Obama’s campaign pledges, a reporter asked Pelosi whether C-SPAN cameras would be allowed to film the House-Senate negotiations.

“There are a number of things he was for on the campaign trail,” she said, without addressing the question.

And there’s this:

Bad news comes in threes. Just hours after Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) announced his retirement, Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter notified his campaign that he, too, would not seek re-election. Late tonight, aides to Chris Dodd sent word that the long-time Connecticut senator would also be stepping aside.

Botton line: from a micro perspective, the GOP gains nothing from today. From a macro perspective, anytime three major Democratic party figures retire…ain’t good for that party.

Hope and change to believe in.


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