Promises, promises. Every politician makes them. And every politicians eventually breaks those campaign promises. Whether as a matter of convenience or the opportunity to snatch more power or due to the intrusion of reality, any pol who stays in the game will violate their sacred pledges to the voters.

So it’s no surprise President Obama is stepping all over Candidate Obama’s toes. President Obama can’t help but break Candidate Obama’s promises. Candidate Obama promised a whole lot to a whole lot of folks. The promise of Candidate Obama has given way to the reality of President Obama. Hence his harrowing decline in approval and ham-fisted attempts to defect blame.

The promise of Obama was bigger than any particular campaign promise: carefully scripted as a judicious, common-sense, non-partisan, populist phoenix who would rise above the partisan squabbles that divide Washington to unite Americans – nay, the world.

Now anyone who bothered to look past Candidate Obama at Illinois Politician Obama and Senator Obama knew this campaign facade was the biggest load of horseshit ever foisted on America. His record and his roots are as doctrinaire liberal as there are. Ted Kennedy if he were younger, black, free of swirling involuntary manslaughter allegations, and less susceptible to the siren song of lady liquor. And more liberal. He is the leftyist President the United States will ever elect.

Throw in the whole Chicago politics thing and President Obama resembles Candidate Obama like little Star Search Britney Spears resembles all-grown-up pantyless Britney Spears.

But you can only fool people for a limited amount of time. Obama proved that focus group-tested platitudes repeated often enough by an unaccomplished but clean and articulate man can become accepted wisdom by a large enough number of people to win an election. At least once, in a prefect storm. With a…well, sympathetic doesn’t accurately describe it…emotionally invested media and (sigh) The Maverick running against him, there was no need for Candidate Obama to go overboard on the promises. But he did, and in dogged pursuit of any bill christened Health Care Reform he’s on the cusp of breaking half a dozen promises of which we were repeatedly and sternly reminded.

If you like your current plan you won’t have to change…no one making under $250,000 will pay a dime more taxes…McCain wants to tax health insurance for the first time ever…cutting costs…clear and transparentest ever. And for what? Health Care Reform than neither reforms nor improves health care a majority of Americans oppose.

He’s on a kamikaze mission to permanently lurch the country leftward. A scorched-earth, crash-and-burn one-term Presidency we’ll rue for generations as our children and our childrens’ children are crushed under a mountain of debt. And bureaucracy. Lots and lots of bureaucracy.

Obama’s still got to lug health care across the finish line and he’s shown no propensity to lead at any point in his political career. As willing as he may be to fall on his sword so that he can put his Hancock on some “signature” health care bill, the mood of the electorate is so foul their razor-thin margin of error for getting a Pukinstein bill through committee and another vote just might evaporate.

That sublimation point gets lower as the polls drop and each broken promise chips away at Obama’s credibility. We all knew every Obama promise comes with an expiration date. Pretty much anyone who’s paying attention knows it now. Obama lied. But if you like your current health care plan and want to keep it we need to stay strong, weather the next 12 months, and force Obama to the center after the midterms.

And in 2012? Who’s going to believe his promises?

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