Latest Obama Gaffe is a Real Doozy

President Obama’s woeful inexperience reared its ugly head again Thursday as he addressed the suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan’s Khost Province that killed seven CIA officers and at least one other person. In a public letter to the CIA, the President made several comments:

I write to mark a sad occasion in the history of the CIA and our country. Yesterday, seven Americans in Afghanistan gave their lives in service to their country. Michelle and I have their families, friends and colleagues in our thoughts and prayers.

You have helped us understand the world as it is, and taken great risks to protect our country. You have served in the shadows, and your sacrifices have sometimes been unknown to your fellow citizens, your friends, and even your families.

The men and women who gave their lives in Afghanistan did their duty with courage, honor and excellence, and we must draw strength from the example of their sacrifice.

While the President’s comments are seemingly heartfelt and sincere, he is painfully unaware that public acknowledgement of this successful attack against the CIA is perceived by Al Quaeda as an enormous victory. The President’s validation that the attack on the CIA caused great sorrow to America serves as a powerful recruitment tool for Al Quaeda. Furthermore, the attack was a very difficult defeat for our CIA and overall intelligence community and Obama’s comments focus an unwanted spotlight where it is not appreciated.

No President has ever issued public proclamations of public mourning over loss of life at the CIA specifically because they generally prefer not having any attention directed their way. Obama’s incongizance of these facts reflects his inexperience and, more importantly, reveals a stunning disconnect with our intelligence community.

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