“Obama and his friends preach tolerance, but there is bigotry at their group’s core.”

Robin of Berkely, at American Thinker, has just become someone I want to read regularly. 

Here’s an excerpt of her recent encounter with a snobbish female Episcopal priest:

Given my spiritual longing, I decided it was time to explore places of worship. Being a secular Jew, my first step should have been a temple. However, the synagogues around here are practically recruitment stations for Obama (aside from the Orthodox ones, but I don’t speak a word of Hebrew). So I decided to experience church on Christmas Eve.

Checking out churches online, I found almost none that offered political neutrality. Most heralded their progressive credentials, welcoming the transgendered, but not conservatives.

I was pleased to find an Episcopal church whose website focused on religion, not ObamaCare. I left a message for the priest that I was looking for a church that didn’t press a political agenda because I wasn’t a liberal. 

I received an icy reply from the priest, the Reverend Lucy, who said with barely-contained disgust, “I don’t think you should check us out.”

Her response left me shaken and angry. I understand that leftists despise conservatives. I have seen that creepy look of pure hatred when I naïvely told a leftist friend about my political conversion.

But an Episcopal priest rejecting me during the holiest time of year? Isn’t anything or anyone sacred? 

In shunning me, the Reverend Lucy exposed not only her own hypocrisy, but the duplicity of the left itself. She unveiled the left’s dirty little secret — that their doctrines are as bogus as global warming.

I used to believe it all. But when I removed one piece — that the left protects women — the whole house of cards came tumbling down. 

Obama and his friends preach tolerance, but there is bigotry at their group’s core. As displayed by the Reverend Lucy, this is a spiritually vacuous ideology. While they fashion themselves as human saviors, they clearly don’t like people very much, and they despise conservatives.

I’ve experienced some decent liberal Episcopalians… but I’ve experienced more Reverend Lucys… and it is a sad thing to see… do read the rest of Robin’s piece, including her letter to the Very Sad Reverend Lucy…

Then brighten your day and read her first experience in a church… a Catholic church no less… truly amusing.

H/T Matteo.


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