Obama seeking to pivot on Iran strategy

As the news of brutality continues to flow out of Iran, Obama and his administration are finally beginning to take notice. Via Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:

Senior U.S. officials said the Obama administration recognizes that it is now at a “pivot point” in its strategy toward Tehran. This shifting U.S. position, said these officials, has been driven by Iran’s rejection of direct negotiations over its nuclear program and its crackdown on democracy activists in the country.

What explanation do they have for being surprised here? Has Iran ever seriously negotiated its nuclear program? Did anyone in the Obama administration actually think that they were going to this time? Are they surprised that a regime with a history of violent crackdowns on opposition would continue to do so?

Once again I feel that this is a case of Obama’s advisers buying into the hype they created during the election. Obama is “the one” so surely he would be able to successfully negotiate with Iran where everyone else had failed. If there were doubts of Obama’s experience level in foreign politics during the campaign, they are being confirmed here.

Morrissey also notes that this is the second time official white house communications have used the term pivot. Previously the term was used to explain a delay in the health care push and a focus on job creation. Cap and trade is all but dead and buried given the current economic news.

Republican hopefuls should stand up and take notice. Issues that polling suggests would devastate supporters in the midterm elections (health care, cap and trade) are not-so-quietly being tabled for things such as job creation and a tougher stance on international terrorism. An astute observer might conclude that Obama is doing these things because he has to not because he wants to. But how will this shift in priorities be received by voters in upcoming elections?

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