(Man, blogging is like exercise. You let yourself get out of the habit, and it’s a killer to get back into it…)

Ever since Charles Johnson formalized his abandonment of “them that brung him” and swerved back to the hard left where he lived pre-9/11, I find myself reading Little Green Footballs more than ever. I used to read it all the time, but when he started edging left, I read it less and less — it simply wasn’t as useful to me as it had been. But now, though, it’s almost a must-read for me — but for entertainment purposes. I find myself asking “what’s putting sand in Charles’ bicycle shorts today?”

His obsession with running down Hot Air is always good for a laugh or two. But recently, he really outdid himself with his outrageous outrage that Ed Morrissey (one of the nicer guys on the interwebs) posted a video showing a guy making a little bomb. It was shocking and appalling and horrific and so damned irresponsible that Ed posted this video.

Charles, thoughtfully, provided a link to Ed’s piece, so we could all get just as outrageously outraged as he was. Apparently that one link of separation was all Charles needed to insulate himself from responsibilty for spreading the link.

Now, I am a highly-trained and educated professional in such matters (I’ve seen almost every single episode of Mythbusters), so I watched this video to see how useful it would be in crafting a weapon to bring down an airliner. And this is my professional analysis:

According to the video, if you take a hunk of smelly French cheese and mix it with a certain bright red shade of nail polish, you can make an explosive that will allow you to go all R. Lee Ermey on a watermelon. This Crimson Camembert Cataclysm is also readily concealed inside a pen, creating a truly devastating little surprise.

However, it wouldn’t work too well against a plane. The Boom Bic needs two other ingredients to have the Crimson Camembert Cataclysm go off: a fuse and a flame source to ignite said fuse. And airport security already checks for both of those items. Bring your Boom Bic on an airliner, and you’ll end up landing with a pen that’s leaking bright red stinky French cheese all over your shirt pocket.

The reason the Christmas plane wasn’t brought down was because once again, the terrorists were incompetent. This is the rule, not the exception. Radical Muslims tend to be inept at such things.

The problem is, they can fail over and over and over again (first World Trade Center bombing, Millennium Bomber, Shoe Bomber, Pants On Fire Guy) and still keep trying. They only have to succeed once.

However, we, as the defenders, have to be successful every single time.

That’s the rule of playing on defense.

I sincerely hope that my little musings here don’t inspire someone to start experimenting with stinky French cheese and nail polish. But just to assuage my conscience, I did omit a few key details. For example, the cheese isn’t actually Camembert, and I didn’t specify the specific shade of nail polish or who makes it.

It’s all out there on the internets, though. You just gotta go looking.

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