Senator Baucus: Legislating under the Influence?

Video of Senator Max Baucus talking on the floor of the senate is making the rounds on the internet. You may be wondering why video of Senator Baucus would be so interesting. When you see it you’ll understand why. The man appeared to be drunk at the time. He slurred his words, rambled incoherently at times, and even shouted down another Senator. Of course, you’re seeing this for the first time even though this took place last week because the mainstream media didn’t cover it. Here’s the video and you can come to your own conclusion whether Senator Baucus enjoyed a few too many adult beverages before taking the floor or was drunk on power:

Bookworm invites you to compare and contrast two videos of drunks in the driver’s seat.

John at Power Line asks if this video is proof that Baucus was drunk or just plain stupid.

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