Obama, Your B+ in National Security Won’t Cut It

National Security is the President’s most important job.

When American’s lives are on the line, a B+ simply won’t do.

A B+ means we are right most of the time.

A B+ means the system works, except of course when it doesn’t.

A B+ means most threats are stopped, but some are ignored.

As has been said before, the terrorists only have to be right once. We must be right 100% of the time.

With that in mind, here are my suggestions for improving your grade in 2010:

1) Get Pelosi on board with extending the Patriot Act.
2) Reverse yourself on Guantanamo
3) Fix the Watch List (Call Jeff Jonas, ok?)
4) Support the People of Iran
5) Free the SEALs.
6) Make honor killings a hate crime.

Extra Credit:

1) Drill Baby, Drill!

2) Fire Janet “the system worked” Napolitano and replace her with Andy McCarthy.

"It hardly makes sense, but it does serve a political purpose"
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