Breaking: Ambulance Called to Obama Compound

An ambulance was called to the compound where the Obama family is staying while vacationing in Hawaii. The story is breaking on the wires right now:

President Barack Obama has abruptly ended a round of golf and sped toward his family’s vacation home for what is being described as a “personal matter.” An ambulance was seen speeding toward their compound.
White House aides said the speedy departure and return to the president’s home was not a matter of national security or because of a threat to Obama’s safety.

Obama was playing golf when reporters who travel with him were quickly assembled for a return to the first family’s neighborhood.

Journalists saw an ambulance speed past with its lights on, heading toward the end of Obama’s street. The ambulance would have passed through a security checkpoint at the end of the street.

More when I find it.

Update: According to NewsFifty, CNN and Fox are reporting that everyone in the Obama family is fine. A family friend needed medical assistance for an unknown reason.

Update II: The son of a family friend had a surfing accident, apparently.

Update III: According to Chuck Todd’s Twitter stream, all is well. The injured child will be fine, so Obama is back at the golf course. (a commenter wanted a clarification.)

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