“So basically, we are stimulating the government bureaucracy.”

If this doesn’t tell the tale and piss you off then quite frankly, you’re part of the damned problem:

The Dallas Morning News has the story that best exemplifies the $787,000,000,000 economic stimulus.

“AUSTIN – The state received millions of federal dollars from the economic-stimulus package to help poor Texans cut their energy bills, but by the end of last month, just seven homes had been weather-treated under the program. The state has spent $1.8 million of $163 million available over the past four months, with most of it going to administrative costs, such as the salaries of state workers,” the Dallas Morning News reported.

So basically, we are stimulating the government bureaucracy.

The government is spending $271,000 per home to winterize it. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy each shack and give the homeowner some repo’d three bedroom ranch?

The people who voted for this monstrosity need to pay a price… a steep one.


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