If the Navy Seals, why not Schuringa?

Seems completely plausible and logical wouldn’t you say?

The hero of Northwest Airlines Flight 253, lauded by passengers as the man who first reached would-be bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, will be arraigned this week under federal charges, the US Justice Department announced today.

Dutch citizen Jasper Schuringa was sitting a few seats away from Abdulmutallab when he heard popping and saw smoke and a glow coming from Abdulmutallab’s seat. Schuringa was the first passenger to understand that Abdulmutallab was endangering the aircraft. He leapt over intervening seats to tackle and subdue Abdulmutallab, joined very quickly by other passengers.

Abdulmutallab has already been charged with attempting to destroy the airliner.

In announcing the pending charges against Schuringa the Justice Department spokesman said that after being treated for his burns, Abdulmutallab told a federal agent that Schuringa had slugged him in the mouth. Abdulmutallab pointed to his swollen lip as evidence of the assault.

“It’s now well established in anti-terrorism operations that you cannot just go around slugging murderous terrorists in the mouth,” said the spokesman. “What’s fair for Navy SEALs will be fair for Mr. Schuringa. The law is the law.” He added that Attorney General Eric Holder had approved charging Mr. Schuringa with assault.

That’s satire… but the Navy Seal charges obviously is not.

Why not?


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