Andrea Mitchell is Stuck on Stupid

The title of this post comes from remarks by Lt Gen. Honore at a press conference following hurricane Rita in 2005, when he was admonishing the press work with him cooperatively to communicate accurate information to the public for a change.

It kind of sums up my view of NBC. This morning brought another example, when Andrea Mitchell was on a panel on Meet the Press spouting unfounded opinions about a vast array of issues. Here’s one that really got to me.

MR. GREGORY: Just be a little bit more specific, Andrea, whether we’re talking about figures like President Obama or Sarah Palin, who you spent a lot of this year covering as well, as kind of this leading edge of conservatism at the moment. What happens?

MS. MITCHELL: What I noticed when I was out covering Sarah Palin when she was out on the book tour, at 4 and 5 and 6 in the morning on freezing days, when people had been out for hours, camped out with their kids because they wanted to see her, they are so hungry for a symbol for anyone who can give them answers. And in this case, she was just signing books.

All accurate so far, and if she had stopped there, all would have been well. But she didn’t.

But there’s an anger out there, and I have not seen it since my very first campaign, which was 1968 and George Wallace. And that is the angry populism which is not fact-based, it’s just furious at everybody; angry at Democrats, at Republicans. The tea party has higher numbers in our last NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll than either of the other traditional parties. And that is what I think this news cycle which you referred to is feeding into, and that is what does frighten me. This spirit of America is so large and embracing, but there is an angry subtext because of economic dislocation that is very, very worrisome.

Tea parties = Ku Klux Klan. Right. Stuck on stupid.

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