Democrats Exempt Federal Employees' Health Care Plans from Reforms

Brian Faughnan at The Conservatives has the details. It seems in order to make federal unions happy, the Democrats made sure to separate federal employees’ health care plans from the plans the American public will be forced to live with. So much for allowing the American people to have the same great plans that government employees have:

Democrats have been selling their health care plan by touting that it’s modeled on the plan which federal employees enjoy. They point out that it’s even run by the same agency – the Office of Personnel Management. In all respects, it will be just like the FEHBP. But in order to win the support of the unions representing federal workers, Democrats had to make sure it was separate from that plan:

Many federal employee groups appear satisfied that Senate legislation expanding the Office of Personnel Management’s role in national health care also will protect its ability to administer the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.

Daniel Adcock, legislative director for the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association, said his organization, along with the National Treasury Employees Union and other federal employee groups, pushed language ensuring that FEHBP be kept separate from any new health care plan, and that the agency’s funding to run the federal employee plan remain intact. The action came after word of the proposal to boost OPM’s role first surfaced about two weeks ago…

Once again the Democrats are setting up a situation where the little guy gets stomped on. The American people will be strapped with a lousy health care bill that will increase their premiums and decrease their coverage. In the mean time, government employees get their own high quality health care plan that is wholly separate from the one the American people will have to live with. Hopenchange, baby!

The same thing is going on in Britain as well, where UK NHS employees don’t have to use the NHS like the rest of the British population. They get private health insurance instead.

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