The Christmas Sweater

I recently read The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck. It is a wonderful children’s book with beautiful illustrations. The book is based on a heart breaking personal story Beck tells of a sweater he received one year for Christmas, but the story in the book is much different. It is about a magical sweater a boy receives that transports him to some of the happiest times in his life. What I really liked about it is that the places he is transported to are not magical places, but rather are special times spent with his loved ones. I will mail a copy of the book to the reader with the best story about the best gift they ever received for Christmas. Write your stories in the comments section and keep them fairly brief. They will be judged on quality, not length. I’ll consider entries through Thursday at noon. Be sure to check back then to find out if your story won because I’ll need to get mailing address from the winner.

(Full disclosure: I received a review copy of the book, as well as a copy to offer as a giveaway.)

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