(Tap Tap Tap) Is This Thing On?

Um… I’m not dead yet!

Sorry about the unplanned disappearance, folks. Circumstances seriously conspired to keep me from blogging. I suspect George Soros.

First up, my home PC — Frankenputer — gave up the ghost. That pretty much ruined my Blogging Throne setup — feet up, reclining heated massage chair, ergonomic keyboard, and dual 22″ LCD monitors. I’d not realized how much that all contributed to my blogging ease. As great as my laptop (Electric Mayhem) is, it’s just not as good a blogging platform.

Then thinks went all higgledy-piggledy at the Day Job. My schedule kept getting bounced around like a Happy Fun Ball.

I also had a few minor health-related instances that forced me to realize that, while I’ll never be an Adonis, I’ve really, really, really let my physical condition slip. So I joined a health club, figuring I can at least — to coin a phrase — “hide the decline.”

(added) And I’ve been working on a couple of online projects that best fall into the category of “Jay Tea’s Evil Thoughts.” I need to keep them quiet a bit longer, until I can bring them to fruition, but I’ve been having a bit of improper fun in a few places away from here… and plan to continue a bit longer before I pull back those curtains.

Well, I’ve gotten work somewhat squared away, and I bit the bullet and built myself a new home PC. Tentative name: “Il Monstro.” (yes, it’s a Meat Loaf reference. I’m not completely happy yet; this’ll take some thinking. Specs below the fold.) I’m still getting it fully configured, but it’s up and running enough to get back into blogging — I hope.

Now it’s time to start plowing through the backlog of blog posts that have been filling up the back of my mind…

Again, sorry for the absence. It’s not been fun for me, either.

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Athlon XP 2000 to Athlon Phenom X4 9850
Radeon 9200 to GeForce 8400
Generic beige full tower case to gorgeous black NZXT Whisper full tower.

I’ve got eight hard drives of various sizes in there (40 GB to 500 GB), as well as a combo drive and a dedicated DVD burner, so this thing oughta do pretty much everything but the dishes by the time I’m done setting it up.

Bring On The Bad Guys!
"I believe in the Climate Change, the holy Goric church"