Weird but True: Little Green Footballs Attacks Autistic Blogger

By far, this is one of the oddest tales that I have found on the internet. Even worse, it turns out to be true. According to a late-October article written by Jumping in Pools (JiP) claimed that Little Green Footballs (LGF) had attacked an autistic blogger.

Some back-story is definitely needed to sort out this piece. Jumping in Pools had been posting articles on LGF until Charles Johnson, the head of the site, banned them. Two months later, a satire piece of JiP’s was picked up by major radio personalities like Rush Limbaugh and Lou Dobbs as fact. The truth came out, eventually, and Charles Johnson had a field day bashing Rush and JiP.

This article elicited no response from Jumping in Pools, until the members of the LGF community started to comment on a picture that JiP has as its website banner. The picture turned out to be one of an autistic friend that the writers of Jumping in Pools know. Now, Charles Johnson has stated several times that any comment left on a website is as if the owner of the site wrote it himself. In a response, Jumping in Pools asked that Little Green Footballs take down the comment:

That picture happens to be of Joseph Chicoine, an autistic 20-year old college student who is a friend of my brother and I. We put a picture of him on the top of our blog, something that made him ecstatic. We made a difference in his life. We put him next to his hero John McCain so that everyone can see him in that light.

And along comes Cato the Elder, who could do nothing better than to insult an innocent autistic gentleman…

Charles, get over yourself and put a retraction.

Now, put yourself inside the mind of Charles Johnson for a second. You know that one of your commenters inadvertently made fun of an autistic person and you have the ability to retract it. Wouldn’t you take down the offensive comment and state that you had no way of knowing that the person in question was handicapped? Instead, Charles Johnson not only did not take down the comment, but then insulted JiP again.

To truly exasperate the situation completely, three days later Charles Johnson actually declared that he ‘had a right‘ to attack autistic people. What in the hell was he thinking?

Now, it took me a little while to write this article and I was extremely skeptical of the charges that Jumping in Pools made at first. But after digging into the links they provided, it appears that they were indeed telling the truth. All I can say is…wow.

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