The Political Abortion Of Diane Feinstein

Here is some astounding commentary by leftest battle-axe “Please call me Senator” Diane Feinstein per taxpayer-funded abortions:


As the Senate was debating the Nelson amendment Tuesday, asked Feinstein: “Is it morally right to use tax dollars from pro-life Americans to cover insurance plans that cover abortion?”

Feinstein said: “Is it morally correct? Yes, I believe it is. Abortion is legal, and there (are) certain very tragic circumstances that a woman finds herself in. Married, with an unborn baby that’s unable to survive outside of the womb, her doctor tells her it’s a threat to her health. I think she ought to have a policy available to her.” asked:

“So it’s morally right for pro-life taxpayers to have to help pay for plans that cover abortion?”

Feinstein responded: “Please. We pay for a lot of things that we may or may not agree with, and taxpayers pay for it, for those things, as well.”

Just because we are mandated to pay for “a lot of things,” does not make them right.

Forced sterilization, incarceration and killing of homosexuals, euthanasia of retarded, mentally ill, and deformed people, were all “legal” in Germany at one time.

Slavery was “legal” in the U.S. It was “legal” for FDR to inter Japanese Americans during WWII.

The governmental structures under which these conditions were allowed to exist were all funded by taxpayers.

The overwhelming majority of taxpayer funded issues do not have an intrinsically moral stigma attached to them as does abortion. They are also not a matter of “choice” which resides at the most personal level of one’s belief system. It is not choice when the issue is forced upon people who morally oppose it. Especially when it is federally, and not state, mandated.

If a woman feels that she should have medical insurance which covers abortion, then she has every right to go out and purchase a policy which specifically will pay for the procedure. To believe that abortion is something which should be paid for with the money of others is about as selfish a person or a government can declare themselves.

It is disgusting how pro-choicers are so flippant about abortion and what exactly the procedure entails, whether preformed early or late.

This leftist, elitist hag has appointed herself the moral judge of every U.S. taxpayer.

Just remember, DiFi, we may, as taxpayers, be forced to pay for things with which we personally do not agree, but we can still vote your ass out if you go to far.

This is a trip-wire issue.

Tread carefully.

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