Now it's Patty Murray playing the "I'm an idiot" card


Not be outdone, our state’s Senator, Patty Murray (D-WA), also has objections to Senator Nelson’s amendment to ban federal funding of abortion. She commented on the floor of the Senate yesterday:

This amendement that is now before us would be an unprecidented restriction on womens health choices and coverage.

That is not true and the senator knows it. A woman can still choose to have an abortion under the proposed legislation. She just has to pay for it instead of forcing taxpayers to fund her choice. It could more rightly be said that the amendment from Senator Nelson would prevent a woman from choosing to have a free abortion at taxpayer expense. There’s a big difference between prohibiting abortion altogether, and objecting to being forced to pay for killing unborn babies, just for the convenience of a woman whose choices were her own up until now. For that, I hereby give Senator Murray my official “I’m an idiot” card.

And another for Frank Lautenbach, (D-NJ), for following up Murray with this quote:

Lautenbach: Make your own choices about your own family. Make your decisions as to what you would recommend to your own daughter to a wife. But for God’s sake let the woman chose what’s best for her.

And if what’s best for her is an abortion, I say let her pay for it, not you and me.

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